What's Pulverized Coal Burner?

The pulverized coal burner has a special designed multi-level air guiding structure with multi-vents, which can generate a high temperature swirl in a short time. It is an ideal energy-saving products with the features of complete combustion, high thermal efficiency, minimum smoke and dust, energy saving, working conditions improvement and labor strength reduction, etc. The working principle is to transit the fuel and required air to the furnace, passing the nozzle with a certain ratio, speed and mixing method. Pulverized coal burner is suitable for asphalt mixing plants, boilers, rotary kilns and other equipments that need the drying process.
The Features Of Pulverized Coal Burner

⇒ Adopt new design structure, which changed the principle of traditional burner, adopt rotation type combustor to solve the imperfections of traditional burner (easy slagging, incomplete combustion).

⇒ High flame temperature, energy saving, burning sufficient.

⇒ Adopt high performance refractory brick, prolong service life.

⇒ 24 hours continuous production, no need do slag removal work everyday.

⇒ 5. Production cost is low, the cost is only about 1/3 of the oil burner.



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Requirements Of Fuel:

1. Use 0 # diesel for oil burning igniter;
2. Requirements for coal used for burning:
(1) Mark of coal: bituminous coal; 
(2) Gross calorific value:≥5000kcal/kg (≥ 20000kJ/kg); Net calorific value:≥4200kcal/kg; 
(3) Volatile matter:≥25%; 
(4) Ash Content: ≤10%; 
(5) Total moisture: ≤35%;
(6) Inherent moisture:≤14%; 
(7) Total sulphur:≤1%;
(8) Particle size:≤20mm.
(9) Environment friendly: combustion completeness ≥95%, air black: Ringelmann 0-I grade, no harm to environment.

Note: These indexes are the lowest requirements for the coal, the better coal will be better at practice.

Technical Parameters:

Model RM500 RM1000 RM1500 RM2000 RM3000 RM4000
Power 31.25 kW 41.25 kW 73.75 kW 80.25KW 138.45 kW 202.45kW
Rated coal consumption 500 kg/h 1000 kg/h 1500 kg/h 2000 kg/h 3000 kg/h 4000 kg/h
Mixture temperature control 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃ 130-180℃
Main machine LTZ40 LTZ80 LTZ120 LTZ160 LTZ240 LTZ320
Coal pulverizer FMJ40 FMJ80 FMJ120 2*FMJ80 2*FMJ120 3*FMJ120
Distribution cabinet PD40 PD80 PD120 PD160 PD240 PD320
Combustion completeness ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95%
Matching asphalt plant output 25-40 t/h 70-85 t/h 100-125 t/h 140-170 t/h 200-250 t/h 280-320 t/h

Operating Process

1. Separate the back cover and the main body with 200mm distance.

2. Start pulverized coal machine host engine.

3. Place torch in front of the oil gun.

4. Start the overflow valve of pump regulator, so that the gauge pressure reaches 1.5 ~ 2Mpa, then light the oil gun.

5. Quickly close the back cover after the oil burns, then launch the motor of coal pulverizer, after the rotate speed reaches the rated speed, you can begin to adjust and transfer the pulverized coal.

6. Launch the blower motor and furnace motor, and rotate the valve handle for 1-2 holes.

7. Adjust the blower valve, making the flame yellowish white. Wait for about 10 minutes burning, slowly reduce the oil amount, so the coal combustion can replace the oil combustion. (Pull back the oil gun for 20cm after light it in case it burns the oil nozzle tip.)

8. If there is no combustion, immediately turn off the oil circuit, and let the drying tube, induced draft fan and the furnace blower work for five minutes or so, then repeat the above ignition steps to avoid furnace burst.

Note: The ignition timing depends on the coal quality and furnace condition. Turn off the oil igniter according to the coal combustion status.  



Pulverized Coal Burner Video

video of Pulverized Coal Burner